Journey Into Darkmoon Vale

adventure 3

-went back to the village, Falcon’s Hollow
-did some shopping, and got the cursed gauntlet off of the gnome alchemist
-decided to go to camp where the humans are starting to gain the plague of the fey
-camp is creepy as fuck
-lumberjacks are running out of camp when we arrive, and they are infected
-wolves and a bear are attacking the lumberjacks, we killed them
-talking to the lumberjacks, they came upon a grove of flowers. scared someone off. animals began attacking, and followed them back to the camp. 3 out of 15 have survived. and the survivors want to go back to town, but we convinced them to stay at the camp.
-went to the grove of flowers, there were gardeners who are armed and armored, and dirty
-killed all but one, and interrogated him. vandrella convinced them to do it, to get nature back. she gave them the infected flowers. he wonders if the herbailist, laurel, came up with the cure
-go to laurel the herbalist, have to do some research for her, and the fighters/paladin patrol the outside of the village, and she makes a decent brew that will stem the disease and soon will have a cure
-gathered some infos in town and heard/saw that beggars have been coming into town from the west at night and they match the description
-we station up an ambush on the western side of town, and a cart approaches, flanked by 3 robed people, killed them and got some loot, including a map with marked locations in the woods
-go to location, and its weird. pleasure and pain area. weird throne and naked woman statue, with a female, zombies, and 4 monks
-we surprised them, and attacked! and we killed them all, including Vandrella. there was an altar to Urgathoa, god of death. we destroyed the altar, and found a basin with a nude woman in it pouring water. The dwarf paladin destroyed the basin.
-went back to the inn, and rested, got a note the next morning from the nymph queen thanking us for clearing out the evil plague
-after a week of resting, and hammer making, the mayor kinda was pissed that there were more kobolds, so we traveled to a lumbering village where they were, and found some kobold zombies that we identified as the ones we fought eariler. kinda fumbled around and fought a group of kobolds, including a kobold druid.


DylanS CalebWhite

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